New £100 Penalty Nearly Here.

If you are sent a notice to complete a Tax Return before or on 31 July (even if you are not sent this notice in some cases!) and you want to send a paper return you must send the completed return back to HM Revenue & Customs by 31 October.

If you are sent a notice to complete a tax return after 31 July you must send the completed paper tax return back by the later of 31 October or three months following the date of issue of the notice.

If the paper return arrives after this deadline you'll be charged an automatic £100 penalty.

Late Partnership returns will attract a £100 penalty for each partner. Late Trust and Estate returns result in a £100 charge to the trust or estate.

There are a very few cases where online tax returns can't be made. In these cases the deadline by which the paper return must reach HMRC is 31 January.

So why?

The main reason is a drive by HM Revenue & Customs to submit everything online. We submit all tax returns online and as a result none of our clients will ever pay the penalty.

We also offer a confidential checking and submission service. We will check and submit your tax return thereby minimising any chance of mistakes and unnecessary enquiries by HM Revenue & Customs. Please contact us for more information with regard to this service.

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