Why Choose Us?

Being of similar size to many of our clients, we have a high level of experience of, and empathy for, the issues faced by small and medium-sized business owners.

Our services are tailored to help you, the business owner, add real value to your business. From our day-to-day contact with you and through a variety of options including a personalised business development program, we can work hand in hand with you to focus on the different aspects of your business, increase your profits and to improve your lifestyle.

Good Reasons to Use Tax Services Direct


1. We put client care before everything else, and we recognise that every business is unique in that every client has individual requirements.

  • 2. We will work with you to understand your business and help you achieve your business goals.

  • 3. You will be assisted by a regular member of staff.

  • 4. We offer a choice of payment options, according to what is most suitable for you.

  • 5. You will have access to experienced staff with a diverse range of skills and services.

  • 6. We will prepare your accounts promptly, in accordance with an agreed timetable, provided you have supplied us with all of the information we require in the agreed timeframe.

  • 7. We do not screen clients’ calls – you will be put through to the person you are calling as quickly as possible, if they are available.

  • 8. We will respond to your emails and your telephone calls promptly and we will never keep you waiting unnecessarily.

  • 9. Only an experienced team member  will manage your work work.

  • 10. We are proactive in introducing our clients and contacts to each other where an introduction might be beneficial to you.

To therefore find out why we will be a better choice for you, please contact us here.



We'll call you back...usually within the hour!

Customer service is something that all our clients praise us for. We normally get back to you within the hour when you contact us.

If you have an enquiry about our services, please contact us here.


HMRC Approved

We're registered with HM Revenue & Customs to deal with all our clients' tax related queries.

We will take care of any queries, investigations and general enquiries that HM Revenue & Customs may have.

This will leave you to concentrate on running and improving your business.