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Services we provide

Self Assessment Tax Returns

The term 'self assessment' is proving to be one of the great misnomers of all time.

Many people struggle to understand their tax returns or fail to complete them correctly. Penalties are also incurred for incorrectly completed tax returns. Coupled with the fact that HM Revenue & Customs usually change the actual tax return from one year to the next can also be confusing.

The first year after self-assessment was introduced, 775,000 taxpayers received £100 penalties for failing to submit their returns on time. Some 400,000 also incurred penalties because their returns were still outstanding six months later!

We take great steps to ensure that our clients never receive a penalty.

We can save you time, worry and money by handling all of your self-assessment tasks for you. This does not just mean completing your tax return but also ensuring that you are notified of when payments are due. We also liase with HM Revenue & Customs to ensure the tax codes operated against your income are correct.

We will complete your tax return, do all the necessary computations and even offer advice on how you can minimise your tax liability. Get in touch to see how we can help here.


Self-Employed Tax Return with Accounts. ........... ............Back to Top

This makes the bulk of our work. A large number of our clients are self-employed and usually need profit and loss accounts to go with their tax returns.

However, it is often the case that your actual profit and loss accounts and your tax return do not marry. So, what might be shown on the accounts does not always go onto the same section in your tax return.

There is also the fact that some information that is included in your tax return has to be excluded from your tax return. If this information in included and your tax return is checked by HM Revenue & Customs, this can lead to you being forced to pay extra tax along with interest and penalties.

We guarantee to get such information correct first time and ensure that our clients never pay more than they have to. Contact us to make sure that your tax return and accounts are completed correctly.


Investigations......................................................................Back to Top

Investigations by HM Revenue & Customs can be random and are becoming more popular with HM Revenue & Customs Officers.

We include a basic level of investigation work in all of our clients' charges. So you know that, for routine HM Revenue & Customs investigation work, this is included FREE in our services to you.

We have satisfied HM Revenue & Customs Officers on a number of occasions when our clients have been chosen for investigations.

To see more details relating to our fee's and the service you will receive from us, please click here.


CIS Tax Returns...................................................................Back to Top

We are experienced in completing tax returns for the self-employed and all trade persons on the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) tax scheme from labourers to skilled engineers.

We could save you large sums of money compared to an accountant or a CIS "specialist" tax agent. We never take upfront fee's from you or any part of any repayment you may be due to.

On average we normally secure repayments in excess of £1,000 for our CIS clients. This is because most pay too much tax upfront and then forget to also claim the expenses that they have incurred. We can give sound advise on the types of expenses that are claimable

We can also make sure that the information that all CIS workers should receive (ie your monthly CIS statements and/or vouchers) is correctly verified. This reduces the chances that your tax return will be investigated, reduces your fee's and ensures that you receive any repayment of tax you are due to more speedily. Contact us here to discuss your affairs.


Rental Income & Tax..........................................................Back to Top

A popular topic of work for us. We work for a number of landlords.

Tax Services Direct can ensure that your rental profits are minimised so that you pay as small an amount of tax as you need to (if any). You should then be able to keep as much of your rental income as possible.

We specialise in clients with a number of properties. We make sure you are taxed correctly and that you are complying with all the tax laws. We also ensure you are utilising all your tax benefits and allowances properly.

f you let out your property that is furnished, you are entitled to a wear & tear allowance but you must make sure that the correct capital expenses are deducted from your rental income. If this is done incorrectly, then HM Revenue & Customs can backdate any tax owed and impose penalties and interest charges. We make sure this does not happen.

So, if you let out all or part of a property (including your home), you let property abroad, you jointly own rental property then get in touch with us here to see how we can help.

Alternatively, go here for some tax tips for landlords.


Capital Gains Tax (CGT) .....................................................Back to Top

As a general rule, you have to pay CGT if you sell something for more than you paid for it. So if you sell shares, land, buildings, part of a business and expensive antiques or jewellery then you could be liable to a CGT liability.

You may also have to pay CGT if you give something away or receive compensation or prize money.

Believe it or not, there are ways to avoid paying CGT that will not attract the anger of HM Revenue & Customs. Knowing some of these methods could save you thousands of pounds.

Reducing the amount of CGT payable on some assets by offsetting a loss. For example, if you make a loss when disposing of one asset (for example, shares) that would attract CGT, you may be able to deduct this loss from capital gains that you have made on other assets (shares, property etc).

Our experience can ensures that if you have a CGT liability, we will get this down to as low an amount as possible. To discuss this with us, please contact us here.


VAT returns.......................................................................Back to Top

VAT returns can be time-consuming. We save you the time and hassle of completing this task.

VAT can on occasion be a complex tax imposed on businesses (and/or) individuals. Many businesses therefore inadvertently end up overpaying or underpaying VAT as a result.

The ever widening scope of VAT and the growing demands of HM Customs and Excise call for a professional to ensure that you do not breach the rules and do not end up paying more VAT than you need to!

We normally schedule a certain amount of time to your VAT return and ensure that you know the correct amounts to pay well in advance of the payment date. Our fee's for completing your VAT return start from as little as £25 per month.

A lot of our clients say that this is a task they could do without. Get in touch with us here to discuss your requirements.


Late tax return submissions...............................................Back to Top

Sometimes, you may file your tax return late. We understand this. We can efficiently complete and submit your tax return sometimes within 2 days.

We can therefore minimise your penalty charges and/or interest charges. We also liase with HM Revenue & Customs' collection services to stop charges and penalties adding up.

Some of our new clients appreciate this service as it saves them the hassle of dealing with HM Revenue & Customs. If you need this service then please contact us here as soon as possible.











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Customer service is something that all our clients praise us for. We normally get back to you within the hour when you contact us.

If you have an enquiry about our services, please contact us here.


Get in touch earlier rather than later

We find that delay is one of the main obstacles to getting our clients' tax affairs up-to-date and in order.

It can also create genuine worry for a number of people who need to complete a self-assessment tax return.

If you are in need of tax advice, or just need your tax return completed and dealt with, contact us as soon as possible here.

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